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Lotus is the latest sex position couples are trying

 Agencies |  2018-08-11 04:24:31.0  0  Comments

Lotus is the latest sex position couples are trying

Everyone likes to get down and dirty between the sheets every once in a while and a new position has been sending couples wild nowadays.

A sexpert has been urging couples that it is a time to give 'The Lotus' a go. The sexpert says it could be the new sensual addition to send sparks flying in the bedroom.
According to a report published in The Sun, sexpert Sadie Allison revealed that the love-making position involves the man sitting cross-legged, with his partner perched on top.
She further adds that the couple should be face-to-face to take the intimate move to the next level.
According to Allison, the position should be enjoyed with slow thrusts.
Sadie, who had originally spoken to Huffington Post elaborated on why it can drive couples wild.
She said, "It promotes a kind of motion that many women respond to sexually, which is a slow rocking and grinding movement that directly stimulates the clitoris."
She added that couples are able to freely touch each other's bodies with their hands or lips as well.
"You're in an upright position, but it requires less movement than the typical man or woman-on-top position," she elaborated.
Recently Queening too came to news for being the most empowering sex position all women need to know.
Queening is similar to face-sitting, with the woman positioning herself so she is sitting on her partner's face where she then enjoys every sensation as she receives oral or anal stimulation.


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