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Staying Healthy And Fresh During Summer

Staying Healthy And Fresh During Summer

Summer is here and it is very essential that we take care of ourselves to enjoy this season to the fullest. So go ahead and jet off on a relaxing vacation. Summer also brings the temptation of ice cream, getting nice brown tan, and while we are trapped in these temptations we completely forget about our diet and exercise. So here I have got you top 10 tips for staying healthy during summer.

1. Sunscreen is your best friend: Always apply a sunscreen lotion of at least 30-50 SPF only of a trustworthy brand before leaving the house during day time. It forms a protective shield on our skin which protects us from harmful UV rays. Sunscreens come in a wide range depending on the skin type, such as a mineral based sunscreen is best suited for sensitive or a combination skin. Reapply it in every 2-3 hours. Also you must avoid staying in sun for a long period of time especially during peak hours, that is, from 10 am to 4 pm.

2. Water is full of goodness: During hot summer days heat and sweat cause water loss which could lead to dehydration. Lack of water consumption can cause you to crave food even when you are not actually hungry. It is a must that you make it a point to drink at least 8-9 glasses of water a day. The market has a huge variety of flavours which can be added to make it taste better but always make sure that you choose a natural one.

3. Healthy smoothies for snack: Fruity smoothies are a great alternative of snack during summer. These are amazingly fresh and keep us hydrated too. Smoothies made from frozen yoghurts or ice creams should be avoided as they contain a high amount of calories which can make you lethargic. Homemade smoothies are best for this purpose. A healthy smoothie should contain fruits, juice low-fat yoghurt and fresh ice. Just blend the ingredients and smoothie is ready.

4. Keeping up with exercise regime: Just because it is hot don't get lazy on workout. While exercising in open areas can be very helpful and refreshing, you can take your exercise routine indoors if you cannot suffer heat. Joining a gym can increase motivation too.

5. Get wet: Get wet in shower, in swimming pool, or even in your running sweat. Go for a swim in your local pool or gym. If you are a newbie in this area you start by going in for 10-15 minutes and then increase this time each day to build up stamina.

6. Exfoliate: Hot weather causes an increase in the amount of dead skin cells which collects in many areas of our skin. Exfoliating helps remove these dead cells and makes our skin smooth and soft. There is no need to buy expensive products or go for not-so-pocket-friendly salon treatments as a nice summer glow can be achieved at home. There are a number of methods to make your very own scrub and a mask too.

7. Olive oil: Olive oil contains essential fatty acids which are healthy fats and help skin resist the UV damage. Olive oil massages helps lock in the moisture. Consume 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil daily as a dressing on a salad or in any other form.

8. Pay attention to your hair as well: Our hair also suffer during summer. Too much heat, sun damage, and chlorine have an adverse effect and leaves them dry and lifeless. Just shampooing them is not enough, they need deep conditioning. Massaging the scalp with any oil before going in the shower is a good idea. Don't use too much of the shampoo as they have harsh chemicals, using a conditioner according to your hair texture is a must. Opt for natural products and also use hair masks and steaming twice in a month.

9. Eat healthy: Consume light, fresh, and cool food items such as freshly made ice creams, sandwiches, curd, salad, and not to forget seasonal fruits and veggies.

10. New hobby: Summer is the perfect time to take up a new activity. Days are long and learning something new can be a great way of investing our energy. Also it makes us feel a lot better about ourselves and our time that is spent in the act. Gardening, cooking, joining a book club, or any sport etc. there are a million options.

I hope you follow these tips to make the most out of this summer. So go ahead and enjoy this new, healthy life style.


Zakiya Rahman ( 3 )

Zakiya Rahman is a young contributor of The Hawk

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