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Keeping Aside All Hardship, A Boy Scored CGPA 10 in Delhi CBSE Class X with self-study

Keeping Aside All Hardship, A Boy Scored CGPA 10 in Delhi CBSE Class X with self-studyNishant has secured CGPA 10 in the Class 10 Delhi CBSE Board examinations.

Nishant is an example of hard work and determination and has proved that in spite of all odds and limited resources, even with self-study best score can be achieved. He was enrolled in Chand Ram Public Senior Sec. School, Narela- Delhi.

At a time when tuitions and coaching classes are considered a must go to get success in board examinations. Nishant has set an example that there is no substitute for hard work.

It was not easy for him to study well, being living in single rented room in the crowded and noisy place. To study in the peaceful environment, he used to study in the early morning hours at 3:00 am. He is living with his parents and younger brother, Prateek. In spite of numerous distraction and limited resources, he has made his parents and teachers proud. His achievement has shown that good result is all about planning and regular hard work.

"I am very happy and proud that my parents supported me all the possible way and they never allowed any financial crunch to affect my study. I have scored good marks in class X with self-study, and my faith in self-study has increased manifold," said Nishant.

His father Sh. Baidyanath Thakur, a carpenter by profession, says that "they knew Nishant has an interest in the study. Nishant wakes up early in the morning and he does regular pranayama and Yoga, and studied every single day". His mother Hema Thakur, a house wife, says, "Nishant has made us proud".

"I appreciate all support and guidance of all my school teachers, who spent extra time on clearing my doubts,'' said Nishant.


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