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'Letters To Mother', written by PM, to be released on his birthday on Sep 17

Letters To Mother, written by PM, to be released on his birthday on Sep 17

New Delhi: In line with the BJP's nearly three-week-long celebrations and events to mark the 70th birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on September 17, a collection titled 'Letters To Mother'- letters written by the PM three decades ago referring to his 'ambitions and anxieties'- will be released on Thursday.

Informatively, the countrywide celebrations, to mark the PM's birthday by the BJP that began on Monday, will culminate on October 2 through a number of initiatives like besides the collection, distribution of carry bags made of cloth in urban areas as part of the party's anti-plastic campaign, holding blood donation camps, free eye check-up camps, spectacle distribution, and plasma donation, among others.

On December 7, 1986, when the PM was only a BJP worker, wrote the monologues to his "Jagat Janani" (Mother Goddess) to make sense of his ambitions and anxieties.

First published in Gujarati in 2014, in a volume titled 'Saakshi Bhaav,' (Image Publishers), these letters have been translated into English by film critic and writer Bhawana Somaaya and published by HarperCollins India.

According to Somaaya, "I was attracted to the idea that the Prime Minister had written this letters as a diary in the year 1986, when he was neither Prime Minister not Chief Minister, and it was written to the Mother Goddess."

The critic, further said, "The premise was interesting and I was surprised by his transparency of emotions, his intensity and the fact that he did not disguise his vulnerability."

The writer also observed "What drew me to his writing was his emotional quotient. He feels strongly and writes because he cannot contain himself. He may not be a professional writer, but he has vivid imagination and is deeply connected to Nature, rather to the Universe."

In the foreward, the Prime Minister says that he wrote "every single night, for years."

" The intention was never to get published, the jottings were for myself. I am not a writer, most of us are not; but everybody seeks expression, and when the urge to unload becomes overpowering there is no option but to take pen to paper, not necessarily to write but to introspect and unravel what is happening within the heart and the head, and why," the PM writes.—UNI

Updated : 15 Sep 2020 6:39 AM GMT
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