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Eleven Found Dead In Amethi

amethi shocked nation when 11 found dead11 found dead

Lucknow: Eleven persons, including 10 members of a family, were found dead in Amethi on Wednesday, a police officer said.

The incident took place at Mahona West village, in the Bazaar Shukul police station area. The killings were discovered in the morning, the officer added.

He told IANS that the victims included two women, one man and eight children.

While the body of the landlord, Jamaaluddin, was found hanging from the ceiling, the remaining 10 were found with their throats slit.

A huge police force was rushed to the crime scene as thousands of villagers and people from adjoining areas gathered at the spot.

District police chief Santosh Kumar Singh, along with other senior police officers, were handling the investigation.


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