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Dishonest to face ruin after Dec 30, warns PM

Dishonest to face ruin after Dec 30, warns PM

Pune: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today gave an ultimatum to the 'dishonest' people, saying that his fight against corruption and black money has now become the fight of the 125 crore Indians against a handful of corrupt people and asked them to correct themselves before December 30.

Speaking at a public rally and virtually kicking-off the BJP's campaign for Pune Local Body Elections after laying the foundation stone of the first corridor of the city's Metro Project here this evening, he said, ''The fight against corruption and black money has now become the fight by 125 crore Indians against the handful of corrupt people. This fight will not stop and will continue till the demolition of dishonest people.''

Issuing a stern warning to the 'dishonest' people, the Prime Minister said that they still have chance to correct themselves and if not, then they would become sleepless after December 30.

He said, ''At the end of the 50-day timeline, the difficulties faced by the honest people will ease, but the difficulties of the dishonest will start increasing. The dishonest will not be spared.''

Stating that development was the only solution to all problems, Mr Modi pointed out that it was rare that development projects worth more than Rs 11,420 crore had been inaugurated in one go for Pune city.

The Prime Minister said, ''The real thing will begin only after these dishonest people have deposited their black money with the banks.''

Mr Modi also used the platform to reiterate his message against corruption, fake currency and black money and thanked the people of Maharashtra for supporting BJP in the recent municipal polls, saying that it was a vote for demonetisation.

Addressing a large gathering in the city, which was attended by approximately more than 50,000 people, the Prime Minister said, ''India is urbanising at a very quick pace and therefore, it is essential to work in two directions by simultaneously improving quality of life in villages and reducing the migration of rural villagers to urban area.''

Stating that in this nation, everybody is equal before the law and everyone has to follow the law, which is enacted for them, he observed that if the evils of corruption and black money had been removed earlier, he would not have had to take the decisions that he took about demonetisation.

The Prime Minister said that the Union government was actively working on the 'Rurban' (rural-urban) Mission, which would cater to those places that are growing and urbanising quickly.

He said, ''We have to think about aspirations of the future too, along with current problems.''

The Prime Minister said the government was also working on digital network and informed that within the next few years 2.5 lakh Pannchayats would be connected through optical fibre network.

''Earlier, people became happy just with highways, but now they want I-ways (that is information ways) along with highways,'' Mr Modi said.

He cited an example of Pune Municipal Corporation for having credited 200 per cent increase in urban tax collection after the demonetisation.

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