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To $5 Tn Eco…Modi's Strategy

To $5 Tn Eco…Modis Strategy

To enable completing $ 5 Tn ECO by/in 2024 COMPETITION ACT 2002 Narendra Modi is fully prtotecting the secrecy by devising new act supplementing (or changing it) COMPETITION ACT 2002 that will fully protect $ 5 Tn achievers thereby ending laughs, guffaws, jeers, jokes on India's (please read 'Narendra Modi's' in place of 'India's') $ 5 Tn Economy in/or far before 2024 are all drowned in the Indian Ocean lock, stock, barrel as among many an undisclosed project to achieve it easily and in time stunning entire world including USA (U.S. Nominal GDP: $21.44 trillion - U.S. GDP (PPP): $21.44 trillion. The U.S. has retained its position of being the world's largest economy since 1871. The size of the U.S. economy was at $20.58 trillion in 2018 in nominal terms and is expected to reach $22.32 trillion in 2020) $ 5 Tn is nothing compared to USA's. … Currently Modi and his accomplices (all of them are entrepreneurs) are out to outpace reigning 100 m Olympic or world champion worldwide referred to as "the fastest man or woman in the world" thereby achieving at least $ 5 Tn economy by/in 2024 or better still may be, by 2024. According to those in the know of the matter above, to maintain secrecy of the above personalities' "24x7x365 all-out 'unique, self-devised' efforts discreetly said to be outscoring many eco-strategies in the whole world",

What next after illustrious-now-effete MRTPC Act, 1969, to hugely tom-tomed Competition Act 2002 is the most uppermost curious $ 5 Tn question currently uppermost in the minds of the country's numerous ambitious novice entrepreneurs, naïve-but-full-of-required-resources, aiming-entrepreneurs, new-entrant-entrepreneurs, to-ban/check-plagiarists, to proscribe spies, to ban anti-corporate intelligence, to "punish" damage-makers etc to facilitate hassle free entrepreneurship so that the entrepreneurs (majority of them are young and bubbling with most innovative ideas (many of them already in full fledged functioning and have begun earning pro-global attentions to say the least) easily overtaking top shot countries' current entrepreneurship already anachronous, incongruous and most urgently looking for a complete change in them. That's where India's entrepreneurs get in and easily win them over by their side and simultaneously making Narendra Modi's $ 5 Tn an easy target although many a cynic still are convinced that its just not possible come what may … We don't agree with the lackadaisical, short-sighted, unambitious cynics as they have never and still don't want India to be The Leader in the whole world unlike what we subscribe to : India & Its $ 5 Tn Economy by '24. Or may be much before that, assert the bubbling "New Entrepreneurs"…

The then Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Act, 1969 [MRTP Act] became redundant in Open Economy thus repealed and replaced by the Competition Act, 2002, with effect from 01st September, 2009 {?}[Notification Dated 28th August, 2009]. The Competition Act, 2002 was enacted by the Parliament of India and governs Indian competition law. It replaced the archaic The Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Act, 1969. But now, as mentioned above, this act too needs an immediate change in view of the country's dash toward the $ 5 Tn Economy by '24.

Competition policy in India now is governed by the Competition Act of 2002. The main motive of the act was to promote the competition in the Indian market so that the interests of the customers can be protected and to ensure freedom of trade carried on by participants in the Indian market. … UpTo Here Good Enough, say today's entrepreneurs, but what about the (above) factors? How to avert them? How to ensure safe, sound 100% foolproof business by me, of me, for me and for India and whole world so that mammoth revenues are earned without any tampering or plagiarism and thus leakage in sensitive revenues for me and the exchequer due from me and not the copy cats? Thus another corporate law to 'punish' them is necessary right away, say the new entrepreneurs, and hence the necessity of a new law right away.

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Soumitra Bose is a Special Correspondent of The Hawk in New Delhi

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