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Sundarbans Biosphere Reserve In The UNESCO's List Of Top 30

Sundarbans Biosphere Reserve In The UNESCOs List Of Top 30

Kolkata:UNESCO has selected Sundarbans Biosphere Reserve (SBR) in its list of top 30 biosphere reserves based on a video competition under its Man and the Biosphere Programme.

The judgment was taken on the basis of videos submitted by the participating biospheres in the contest. The campaign #ProudToShare was organised by UNESCO's World Network of Biosphere Reserves (WNBR), which selected the 30 videos from among those submitted, SBR officials said.
Only two biospheres from India out of 12 made to UNESCO's list, Sunderbans being one.
The SBR video sent to the contest was made by the state forest department. The video features the measures adopted by the forest department in reducing the conflict between tigers and inhabitants of the area. Nylon fencing at the village peripheries and quick response teams were highlighted as measures to manage the incidences of tiger straying into human habitats. Raising awareness among the village populace about Sunderbans as important means to conserve the biosphere was included in the video. The selected videos were released on June 5 last, on World Environment Day during the Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation for the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
UNESCO would release the videos for public viewing on social media and rank the videos based on the reactions received, later this year. Each video is just over 60 seconds long. After their video being chosen among the top 30 biospheres of the world, the forest department is hopeful that it would attain a top position. UNI

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