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Constitution Protection Must

Constitution Protection Must

There is a complete unanimous view among all high-n-mighty (subjected to further systematically percolating downward to the last citizen of the country) of all hues, cliques, groups, ideologies, alignments that the 'Constitution of India' or 'Indian Constitution'-protection-as-utmost-sacrosanct-cum-top priority-on the top(most) of the echelon of all priorities as citizens of India. Unless that relentlessly, unobtrusively adhered to consciously, the very country's existence-system will be in danger and may tantamount to crumbling/collapsing/tattering/breaking with "open invitation to the enemy countries/all countries to invade here gratuitously or normally."

Already in view of above 'reality', thinking caps in the Niti Aayog, PMO, Rashtrapati Bhavan, Courts including the Supreme Court, Home Ministry, Social Welfare Ministry, other repertoire of varied organisations including business bodies like CII, ASSOCHAM, FICCI, PHDCCI etc are enervating, self-abnegating on all ways to engage entire countrymen in knowing the Constitution of India with no excuses/escape from it whatsoever. Government itself wants that to become a reality at the earliest to avert situations like Delhi-riots (till yesterday), subsequent communal disturbances, looting, arson, shooting, deaths, killings, threats, counter-threats, social media misuse, malevolent-malicious-maleficent videos, etc + sit-in all through the country spoiling/disturbing social harmony, peace, amity, communal harmony et al.

If the countrymen know about the Constitution of India and the Articles therein, they would never resort to violence etc or even sit-in/s-here-n-there objecting against the Articles/Acts as they would nip them in the their budding stage/s itself by raising objections, talking to the Government etc. They would not resort to violence surely unless they have some ulterior motive to destabilise The Indian Society with vested interest/s solely, opine Senior Advocates, Constitution Experts who do not want to be quoted now in view of the present sensitivity of the pervading/prevailing social situations that are still officially termed as "delicate" and need to be closely watched/monitored moment-by-moment all through the country especially in 'sensitive' areas like Delhi, NCR, Catalyst Towns attached with Delhi=NCR, state capitals, UTs like Lakshadeep etc.

Its in fact more-than-enough-adequate-time that the facts (should have been officially addressed by the Government long ago) relating to CAA (Citizen Amendment Act), NRC (National Register of Citizens), NPR (National People's Register) are elicited loud and clear : The bone of all level contention/s on the above 3 Acts would not have arisen had the countrymen known about the already existing 3 laws – Citizenship Act 1955; Foreigners Act, 1946; Passport Act, 1920. From these it is clear that every citizen living in India without adhering the above 3 are 'non-citizens living in India' and 'every non-citizen in India is an infiltrator' and thus need to be driven out of the country without wasting any time.

Since these are clearly official rules applicable to all who stay in India, why raise hue and cry about who is an Indian, who is not an Indian. Surely with "infiltrators" fully known to the Government staying all throughout the country need to be driven out as they have no credibility as Indians; rather. they are make-believe/fictitious/incredulous/illegal Janta-Janardan here who (not officially evinced whether all of them or not) from time-to-time are fully known to resort to destabilising social fabric/law and order situations/denigrate India with their utterances that attract international headlines in enemy countries...These should have been halted rightaway in late 1940s or at most early 1050s. But thanks to Vote Politics as pursued in India due to rules and the gaping loopholes therein, the "foreign infiltrators" proved themselves to be compulsive tools for political party candidates winning elections by voting for those who flagrantly pampered/patronised them and propped them, even encouraged them to carry on with their modus operandi. In view of this India-destabilising phenomena, CAA-NRC-NPR are immediately necessary to end The Anti-India Nuisance/Menace/Modus Operandi.



Soumitra Bose is a Special Correspondent of The Hawk in New Delhi

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