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Local factors behind 95 pc of Delhi's pollution: Javadekar

Local factors behind 95 pc of Delhis pollution: Javadekar

New Delhi: Minister for Environment, Forests and Climate change Prakash Javadekar on Thursday said that around 95 per cent of the factors adding up to Delhi's pollution were local, while the stubble burning only contributes around 5 per cent to it.

Javadekar made the observation at his residence while addressing nodal officers of the 50 teams of Central Pollution Control Board before they set out to monitor the pollution levels across the Delhi NCR region and take actions against those adding to the menace.

Every CPCB team will have a scientist and other officials.

Every year, during the winters the problem of pollution increases in the National Capital and the situation

becomes very serious.

He further said that the cold air flow from the Himalayas, the moisture from the gangetic plains, the slow pace of the wind, dust from the construction works at the local level, road side dust particles, vehicular smoke, garbage burning by people out in the open and stubble burning by the neighboring state's farmers, all such are contributing factors to the city's pollution level.

He said that the total contribution of stubble burning in Delhi's pollution is just 4 per cent and the 95 per cent reasons behind the same are local factors.

However, despite this, the Minister has given strict instructions to the Punjab government in this regard.

'Punjab government must ensure that stubble burning does not take place in excess and quickly take action to control the stubble burning. This must be problematic even for the people of the state.'

Javadekar has also appealed to people to refrain from taking vehicles to narrow lanes and roads and has suggested that people may walk or cycle to short distances.

He asked people not to burn waste, garbage in the open and also follow all the guidelines during amid construction activities.


Updated : 15 Oct 2020 10:26 AM GMT
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