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Priyanka Chopra on cold war with Deepika Padukone: Why are women always reduced to cat fights?

Priyanka Chopra on cold war with Deepika Padukone: Why are women always reduced to cat fights?

A lot is being said about Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra's Hollywood career and including reports of animosity between them. Both of them are at the top of their games as of now so obviously, divisions and competitiveness will be cultivated between them. Even if not by the actresses themselves but by their fanclubs. There were reports earlier stating how all wasn't well between the now Hollywood actors and their career were the reason for it. As we know, both are making their debut in Hollywood movies so the cold war would persist, without a doubt. But that's not the case between them! Earlier this week, Deepika confirmed that there were no hard feelings between them. And now even Chopra has commented on the reports.

PeeCee's point is quite simple and speaks volumes of what she thinks of the situation. In a recent interview with a leading entertainment daily, the actress opened up about the reported cat fights that are prevalent between these two powerhouse performers. To which, Priyanka retorted, "Why are women always reduced to cat fights? We all have so much more to do than to waste time on 'cat fights'. We all have our own chosen paths. As far as I'm concerned, they are – as you put it – rumours." Touche Miss Chopra, touche! While the start of the answer was quite bang on, it soon became an answer similar to what Depeika had said as she opened up about the animosity buzz.

In an interview with a leading fashion magazine, Padukone had commented on the buzz about the competitiveness and insecurity shared between these two actresses who will be making their Hollywood debut next year. "We have had very different beginnings. I still remember I was in school when she won Miss World! I've known her for many years and nothing has changed." Rejecting the notion that the two actors are in competition over similar career paths, Padukone insisted that "everyone will have a different path and a different journey. What she wants from her career will be very different from what I want and that needs to be understood and respected." She will be seen opposite Vin Diesel in xXx: Return of Xander Cage.

Perhaps Piggy Chops had a more summarised brief of the same answer quoted by Dippy, don't you think? Their career trajectories have been going rock solid with both of them attaining new realms of success. While an already famous Quantico star, Priyanka is piggybacking her Baywatch stint by attending various Late Night talk shows, Deepika is making heads turn at red carpet and magazine covers! Well, our job is to bring to you the latest scoop and updates and we're sticking to ours. However, we'd definitely like to know what you feel about this report so shoot us your thoughts in the comments section below. Oh and do stay tuned to this space as we will be bringing hot scoops straight from tinsel town!

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