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Will Karisma Kapoor call Salman Khan to get "Mental"?

 Agencies |  2018-08-17 05:41:02.0  0  Comments

Will Karisma Kapoor call Salman Khan to get "Mental"?

Mumbai: We recently heard that actress Karisma Kapoor was on the verge of making a comeback with a web series titled Mental Hood produced by Ekta Kapoor. But it seems that may no longer be possible. The title "Mental", along with certain permutations and combinations of the word have already been registered by Salman Khan's production house SKF, and so "Mental Hood" is currently not available for Ekta to use. Mental was the original title of Salman's film Jai Ho.

"Ekta just has to just pick up the phone and ask Salman for the title, but she is not sure if he will agree to give it away. But Karisma has a great rapport with the actor. She has worked with him in many films, and her sister Kareena is one of his closest friends. It's not a big deal and Salman is known to be a generous person," a trade source says.
Karisma is following in the footsteps of her brother-in-law Saif Ali Khan, whose web series Sacred Games has won him much acclaim. She knows that the digital platform is huge right now. All that remains to be seen is if she makes that phone call to Salman.
— Sanskriti Media

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