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Teachers Are Themselves The Brands: RJ Adi

Chandigarh (The Hawk): The fifth day of the seven-day long Faculty Development Program (FDP) titled 'Enhancing Visibility & Perception of the Self as a Brand' started on an enthusiastic note.

Dr. Ajit Pathak, National President, Press Relations Society of India opened the day with his experiential insights into the area of branding through public relations. He propagated that once you start public relations, you need to gain and maintain the trust of your target audience.

RJ Adi (Aditya), ISHQ FM, New Delhi, interacted with the participants and shared memories about some of his favourite teachers, and how they have shaped him. He said that teachers are brands in themselves; all they need to do is remember to reach out to the world.

Updated : 22 Feb 2021 5:33 AM GMT
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