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Sangam Literature Resurrected

Sangam Literature Resurrected

New Delhi (The Hawk): Veritably resurrection of Sangam literature in Tamil Nadu, Tamil culture in the mould of Brahminism before the ensuing Tamil Nadu Assembly Elections in the state. Presently Sangam Tamil Literature has several poets with Sanskrit names. Mostly they are Hindu God names. The British rulers who followed the policy of divide and rule coined some artificial words like Dravidian and Aryan. Of these two words Aryan is known from the days of Rig Veda and Dravidian from very late stages of Indian literary history. But both the words had no racial meaning in which the scholars use them today. The scholars only have given them racial connotation. Because of this distorted picture, everything in history was written with a bias. But those who read Sanskrit and Tamil literature will find more similarities than differences in the Indian culture.

Every country, every culture has regional differences which are normal and superficial. There is no place in the world without such differences. Tamils of ancient Tamil Nadu had so many differences in the five different land divisions known as Kurinji, Mullai, Marutham, Neithal and Palai. These were natural. The three kingdoms fought among themselves for 2000 years without stopping. But nobody interpreted them as enemies of one race or another.

Hindu customs, Sanskrit words, Hindu Gods, Sanskrit proper names are in every ancient Tamil book. Kanchi Paramacharya has pointed out the unity in thought beautifully well in one of his lectures. He pointed out that there are very pure Tamil words for all the Sanskrit words from very ancient times : (Yagam= Velvi, Brahmin=Anthanar, Veda= Marai, River Jamuna= Thozunai etc.). So there is no wonder that there were poets with Sanskrit names in ancient Tamil Nadu. I have pointed out that Brahmins contributed one third of Sangam Literature in my post ''No Brahmins, No Tamil". Sanskrit names found in the Sangam Tamil literature sound very interesting. When they give the name of a Brahmin poet they give the Gotra name as well. We can understand the reason for it. Same name is used by many poets and to differentiate them either town name or the Gotra name was used. Following are some of the Sanskrit names of Tamil Poets: Damodaran, Kesavan, Vishnu Dasan (Vinnanthayan), Kamakshi (Kamak Kanni), Maha Devan (Maathevanar), Kausika (Kosikan), Kapila (very pouplar Rishi's name), Parana (Parana is a Gotra name),Nagaraja (Mudinaagaraayar),Maha Sastha (Maasaaththan), Lochana(ulochanar), Bhutapandya, Krishna (Kannan), Arudra (Aththirai), Kumara (kumaranar), Gauthama (Gothamanar), Sanga Varunan, Rudra (Nalluruththiranar), Nagas (at least 20 names with Naga as surname)Brahma (piramanar), Brahma Dutt ( Yaz piramathaththan), Uthra (Uththiraiyar), Maha Chitra (perumsiththiranar), Maha Padma (perumpathumanar), Atreya, Kavya (kappiynaar) Yagna Acharya (Velaasaan), Beri Sastha. (This is not an exhaustive list. This is only a sample. More in my post ''No Brahmins, No Tamil''.

Updated : 21 Nov 2020 7:12 AM GMT


Soumitra Bose is a Special Correspondent of The Hawk in New Delhi

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