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TMC points finger at BJP leader's freedom struggle

TMC points finger at BJP leaders freedom struggle

Ashok Chatterjee / Aritra Singha

Kolkata (The Hawk): Amidst claims and counter claims on development and safety of the people of Bengal, the underline current is to woo voters.

At the TMC media meet, Barasat MP Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar, like her other party colleagues also stressed on the fact that the saffron party is bereft of any political leader worth the salt who can lead the fight against Mamata TMC chief Banerjee in Bengal. "They do not have any leader who can give a fight to Mamata Banerjee," she said.

What she meant was that there is no chief ministerial face of the BJP and that is the reason they have to depend on a handful of leaders, who are coming from outside and leading the fight. "These handful of leaders have to be brought in as the party has no faith in the few Bengali MPs from the state," said Ghosh Dastidar.

State BJP president and Midnapore MP Dilip Ghosh on the other side claimed that bringing in outsiders is a practice of the ruling Trinamool Congress.

"Central leaders along with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah are very much from India. The TMC brings in Rohingyas and infiltrators from Bangladesh. TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee is confident of making West Bengal West Bangladesh. It's their culture and saffron camp doesn't bring in any outsiders," mentioned Ghosh.

Taking further potshot on this issue, Ghosh also mentioned that the TMC supremo had brought Hasan Ibrahim from Assam and made him the MLA of West Bengal.

"Several people from Bengal work in other parts of the country especially Gujarat and if everyone thinks the way Mamata didi thinks then Bengalis can never go and work in other states. The Chief Minister is actually putting the Bengali's in more jeopardy," stated the BJP state president.

Taking pride in the role played by Bengalis in India's freedom struggle, the Barasat MP said, "Freedom fighters from the state took lot of effort and pain in freeing the country from the British rule, while the leader, who is supreme to both Narendra Modi and Amit Shah, had given an undertaking to the British for his release from jail and then helping them in getting other freedom fighters arrested." ( A reference to Vinayak Damodar Savarkar.)

Criticising this comment of the Barasat MP, the Midnapore MP said that the state government doesn't care for migrant workers and also that the ruling Trinamool Congress doesn't do anything for the migrant workers to bring them back in the state during the lockdown.

She also said the state and the party stood on a firm footing owing to the good work done by the leaderships for the welfare of the women, farmers and the migrant labourers.

Criticising this claim of Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar, Ghosh said that violence has become synonymous with Bengal as blasts and atrocities are happening in the state every single day.

"The heavy bomb blast at every corner of the state proves how safe Bengal is. On Saturday after the forensic team left Durgapur another blast happened. The blasts are so intense that they impact up to six to seven kms. Every time when we visit the spots, the dead bodies get cleared to portray as if nothing had happened. Despite being a woman herself, Mamata Banerjee didn't do anything to stop the atrocities against women in the state. Rape, abduction is still so common all across Bengal. The state government had stopped sending the crime rate in the state to the centre to hide their misdoings. People are fed-up with this government and will reply in a befitting way," claimed Ghosh.

The government at the Centre and the party running it are well trained in creating and propagating fake news. They are doing the same here in Bengal.

Dastidar added, "Bengal is the safest state in the country for women, the minorities and also the Dalits. Just a few days back a Dalit auto rickshawalla was beaten to death by upper caste men in Gujarat for refusing to follow their instructions."

"The government at the Centre should resign just because of their failure in handling the coronavirus situation in the country. The other countries are serious about it. They are going in for lockdown again. Look at Australia and Britain. Keeping the economic conditions in mind the lockdown had to be imposed if the need be. But the government was too casual when we in the Parliament raised the topic in January," said the TMC MP

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