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NaMo followers board heritage tram to spread message

NaMo followers board heritage tram to spread message

Kolkata (The Hawk): If it was a run for fitness to promote Modi by his supporters on Sunday, on Tuesday they took to the heritage tram to promote their leader.

The volunteers in saffron-colour tops could be seen boarding the tramcar and chanting 'Jai Shree Ram'. The other compartment of the tram was left for normal passengers.

BJP Delhi spokesperson Tajendra Pal Singh Bagga, said, "The idea to board one of the cars of a tram came from the volunteers, who believe in Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Through the campaign, we are trying to educate people about the developmental works of Modi ji. We are always taking newer initiatives on how we can reach out to more people."

The tram ride from Esplanade to Gariahat, a stretch of eight kilometers, was covered by the volunteers, who kept themselves busy chanting slogans. Around 80 volunteers were vocal in their praise for the Prime Minister, in a an initiative by Modipara.

Bagga said the unique way to campaign was a hit with the people, who could be seen taking selfies and making videos of the event. "Tram is synonymous to Kolkata. We thought that through the initiative we will not only promoter our leader but also the identity of the city. We took just one of the two cars as we did not want to inconvenience the passengers, who were also waiting to board the tram," said the spokesperson.

He added that the PM is the face of development. Investments can happen in other states then why not in Bengal, he asked. "When Samsung came to India, they set up base in Uttar Pradesh, when Tesla came to India, they went to Karnataka. We are seeing how the youth from Bengal are migrating to other cities for jobs. We want Bengal should also develop just as other states," said Bagga.

The volunteers, who came to know of the initiative through the online promotion on social media, said they are not members of any political party. "These are normal people, without any party affiliation and joined the movement on their own after getting to know about it on the social media. Many of the participants took an hour's break to be part of the rally," said one of the participants.

The event also targeted the youth as they will be benefitting the most if there is more development in state, said a political observer.

Earlier in the month, volunteers chanting 'Jai Shri Ram' were stopped by the cops from entering at Eco Park in North 24-paragnas. Later, though, the group of volunteers was allowed to enter after they stopped chanting the slogan.

Updated : 23 Feb 2021 5:33 PM GMT

Ashok Chatterjee

Ashok Chatterjee is Correspondent of The Hawk in Kolkata.

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