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M J Akbar: To High Court Or ICJ, Hague?

M J Akbar: To High Court Or ICJ, Hague?

New Delhi (The Hawk): Court condemned (charges of violation of chastity, modesty etc), accused BJP MP (that's now otherwise in the '70s onward no-holds-barred politician-bashing journalist) M J Akbar according to his choicest kith and kin (not surely BJP or its office bearers nor ministers/their lackeys, orderlyies, subservient entities) presently is in a deep horns of a diabolic dilemma on whether to go to High Court or to International Court of Justice, Hague challenging Delhi court order indicting him and judging complainant Priya Ramani against him fiddling with her modesty, chastity awful, condemnable etc. In other words Akbar according to the court is prone to punishment for violating, flouting Ramani's modesty.

Akbar did not anticipate such judgement as he stands fully condemned, accused. With that gone are his decades old goody-goody MP-ship, Ministership, Islamic scholarly modus operandi, unbending politics, no compromise patrakarita, writings, authorship, advising Saudi Arabia, Islamic nations on Islam, in India behaving more Hindu than an official Hindu, international editor extraordinaire....superciliousness of all hues unless of course higher courts deliver different rulings than that by the Delhi court that has already held Ramani and has even justified her. As of now Akbar is seriously contmplsating on unwinding himself of Ramani-charges openly against him.

It is being deeply assessed in intelligentia, scribe, writers, journalist circles that Akbar apprehending further loss of his already sullied, sulked, soiled face in case the high court also passes structures on him as in the lower court that stood by the complainant Priya Ramani against him alleging Akbar fiddling around with her in the newspaper in which he was editor and she, a journo therein may actually land in ICJ, Hague, pleading with it to give justice in his favor on the plea he being a minority in India and hence hounded, targeted by anti-minority like Ramani.

To this of course, her reactions are not known as she could not be contacted.

However she is said to be stoic and is determined to fight it out unto end to set precedent for herself, all women of all hues so that they too like her stand up against "masked predator + Dr Jekyl & Mr Hyde" like Akbar who now has a barrage of women raising voice against him like Ramani having sordi "saga" vis-a-vis Akbar.

The latter's "scare" "trepiadation" are automatically thus obvious as, if proved all true in higher courts also, Akbar will lose his nearly 50-years' high-n-mighty-projecting very credibility, credulousness.

What's more? Currently he is an MP, any strictures (already passed against him in lower court) on him will naturally turn his party BJP turn away from him, he will (already toward that) be a no-no for them.

Currently he is seen sitting on front bench (like a vanquishing hero) in the Rajya Sabha, House of Elders, guffawed at by many amused onlookers who already have labelled many juicy sobriquets on him and his women-related desperados.

Updated : 23 Feb 2021 5:00 AM GMT


Soumitra Bose is a Special Correspondent of The Hawk in New Delhi

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