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Kapil Sibal Wants To Be National Level Congress President

Kapil Sibal Wants To Be National Level Congress President

New Delhi (The Hawk): Kapil Sibal is all set to be the new Indian National Congress President in the ensuing days…Mercurial, crafty, dogged, tenacious (first Supreme Court Lawyer to "argue" on the floor of Parliament in front of Full House MPs who watched him in sheer awe as he stoically put forward his arguments in an impeachment case on Carpets, Bedsheets, Towels and Intriguerelating to The Story of Justice V. Ramaswami's Impeachment, the incident of a judge facing 'trial' over reported excesses holds lessons that resonate in the present time), hellbent, fully self-assured, determined, resilient, irrepressible, indomitable Kapil Sibal is all set to be the new Indian National Congress very soon in the ensuing days. He has already fully organised himself fully as full fledged National President and even has made his blue prints on how he

will refurbish the 135-year-old party from top to bottom in the Amit Modi-Narendra Modi fashion so that the masses of all hues in the country simply swoon on the Congress as their household party reminiscent of the Congress in the last decade of 1800s and onward to 1900s and then fading away from the good books of the countrymen as they realised the Congress was no more by them, of them, for them and were confined only to a few kingly privileged non persona entities. That resulted in Congress further easing out from the masses' support, new parties springing up and veritably ursurping Congress support base and ejecting the Congress from the very memory of the countrymen.

Congressmen fearing adversities from the so-called Congress High Command (actually, non-existent!) never dared react to Congress confined to 1 family resulting in the parties' fast fading away into sheer oblivion. However the likes of Kapil Sibal sprang up sphinxlike from sheer nowhere and began tom toming revival of the Congress in a big way by overhauling the very leadership of the Congress from top to bottom. He has now been joined by galaxy of Congress leaders from all over the country who consent on change of Congress top leadership upto downward so that the Congress does not resemble pocket borough of any one in particular unlike now. Also with such method, BJP etc will not be able to repeatedly charge the Congress being a party of 1, by 1, for 1. Along with it, the Congress will be able to function as a normal usual party like any other party with of course its "background from 1885 intact". As hunt for a New Congress President began, Consensus zeroed in on Kapil Sibal --- former Union Minister + ex-MP + constant Congress-defender + non-controversial --- who is now widely seen as India-suiting "National" Congress President , accomodator of all par excellence, so necessary for the Congress today.

Updated : 21 Nov 2020 7:10 AM GMT


Soumitra Bose is a Special Correspondent of The Hawk in New Delhi

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