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'Corruption Is Rampant In Tamil Nadu'—V Narayanan

Corruption Is Rampant In Tamil Nadu—V Narayanan

A sort of coup de grace when a multi faceted Tamil personality (Journalist, author, writer, polygamist, nationalist, Tamilian to the core, not cocooned or only out-n-out parochial) Maalan V Narayanan gives an interview to a national daily THE HAWK answering freewheeling questions...Its very rare that Tamil Nadu personalities of any yore give interviews to non-Tamil Nadu Press, Media mainly because they are misunderstood and misquoted resulting in gross sullying of their image and subsequent controversies..They thus avoid National Press, Media consciously unless really urgent as a result, Tamil Nadu continues to be in the end of the country as its tail holding no relevance inn the mainstream country that is The Cow Belt or the Northern India headed by Delhi which too is in the northern part of the country. At the same time, Tamil Nadu is important in the country, as evinced by Pradhan Mantri Narendra Modi who is going all out wooing the state's electorate to vote for a nationalist party so that it in real sense amalgamates the Tamil Nadu state into the country for equal, simultaneous, uniform developments there as in rest of the country automatically unlike now when the Tamil Nadu state is sort of isolated and is not so important, relevant in partaking of in the national development/s. ...Under the circumstances, multi faceted multi lingual.Tamil Journalist+ much, much more Maalan (V. Narayanan), author, writer, editor, traveler, ,well known among the Tamil literati across the globe answers some vital questions. .

In coming assembly elections how do you assess, see your role in moulding the state people in voting for all shackle free govt?

Tamil Nadu is a state, perhaps the only state that is under an uninterrupted spell of non-national parties for 50 long years, in our country. As could be seen by various economic and health indicators the state has prospered well. But the morality and ethical values have deterioted badly. Corruption is rampant. Nepotism is the norm. Politics thrive on caste configurations Sycophancy is practiced shamelessy. In the name of secularism, Hindu sentiments are ridiculed. Parochialism is whipped up in the guise of love for Tamil language. Remedy for these chronic illness lies in creating awareness. As a writer and journalist I am trying to create awareness through my columns, essays, stories. I also bring these issues in the TV debates I have participated and in my talks. But the woes that are prevalent for over 5 decades can not be mitigated overnight. But I am optimistic that these seeds will sprout in near future.

Do you agree that Tamil Nadu has had exaggerated dose of Dravida parties, dravidaism and like. Is it time for the state& its people to think act beyond dravidaism?

Agree. The term " Dravidian" was propounded by Rev.Robbert Caldwell (1814-1891) , a Christian missionary from London Missionary Society, in his A Comparative Grammar of the Dravidian or South-Indian family of languages. He made wildly speculative claims, well outside the scope of linguistics, with an intention "to develop a history which asserted that the indigenous Dravidians had been subdued and colonized by the Brahmanical Aryans & quote...After 100 years E.V.Ramasamy used to develop bigotry to settle scores with Brahmins, particularly with C.Rajagoplachari..His party-which he called as social movement-was built on the planks of Anti –Brahmin, Anti-North Indians, Anti God, Anti-Hindi. He was a secessionist and went to the extent of calling August 15, 1947 as a black day. Today we have many brands of Dravidianism. Predominant among them are DMK's and AIADMK's. Both of them have softened their rationalist moorings because of electoral compulsions. But DMK still pretends to be rationalists. People are tired of the double talk and hypocrisy of these parties but continue to vote them as they could not find credible alternates. Also because they are lured by freebies, and cash for votes.

But a section in younger generation who has realised only economic growth of the nation can provide them better future, not empty rhetoric are slowly moving away from Dravidian parties.

How relevant now national parties administering Tamil Nadu govt from now on so that Tamil Nadu is national in true sense?

It is unlikely for national parties to take the reins of power in the ensuing assembly elections. All the national parties are pretty weak. In the last assembly elections Congress contested in 41 constituencies and won in 8, in spite of it forged an alliance with DMK. Communist parties and BJP drew blank. In the coming alliance also these parties have aligned themselves with Dravidian parties. In the recent past BJP has developed and strengthened its grass roots. It has attracted many personalities from Congress and DMK. Its campaign against DMK has forced DMK to change its anti Hindu campaign. It is hoped widely that BJP will enter the legislature in good numbers, this time.

How relevant Hindi today in Tamil Nadu?

Hindi is still a sensitive issue in Tamil Nadu. From 1967 successive State Government's follow a two language formula and because of that Hindi is not taught in Government schools. Some private Matriculation schools and CBSE schools, which are located in urban areas and in Tier 2 towns. Because of this rural students are not able to crack competitive exams of central government and get jobs in other states. This results in anti Hindi mind set in their mindset. Political parties exploit this to their advantage. On the other hand, many young people are learning Hindi through Dakshin Bharat Prachar Sabha, Ramakrishn Mission, private tuitions and through You Tube. The number is growing. As Prime Minister Modi ji has said Tamil is an oldest language in the world, still spoken,written, and read by 6 crore people in India. It is the official language of Govt in Singapore and Sri Lanka. Naturally many Tamils have their legitimate pride in their language. They feel Union Government is not giving due recognition for Tamil in their official business just to please Hindi speaking people. It is time to recognise all languages in schedule VIII of constitution at par with Hindi.

In your opinion what should be you and other intellectuals' role among the masses of the state in the ensuing state polls?

Intellectuals have limited role in door to door canvassing or engaging themselves in propaganda for political parties. At best they can enlighten the voters what is good or bad for the people. Some of them are already engaged in enlightening voters.

How do you foresee Tamil Nadu govt-centre relations as in the coming days amid new state govt?

Present government is maintaining a cordial relation with centre and has launched many welfare schemes and infra structure projects. It is the only state in the country to secure sanction for 11 medical college in a year. If there is going to be a non incumbent Government, particularly if one headed by DMK, there is likely to be confrontation and Tamil Nadu is like to lose its prime place in development

Do you support USA like federal structure in India? Why, how?

No. Both the countries have different history and culture. The present system has worked well for over 6 decades and will work well in future too. If necessary course correction may be carried out as and when needed

Your comments on Modi Narendra as PM

He is a man with vision and courage. He has changed the way India and Indian's were looked by the rest of the world. He is strengthening India in every front, be it defence, economy, foreign relations and innovation. Many of his schemes like Ujjawala, Jandhan, Mitra loans, Skill development, Make in India, have helped the poor, youth and MSE, Directb ank transfer has almost abolished corruption in distributing grants and subsidies. He is working hard to change India. I am sure in another 10 years we will be living in a new India strong, modern and culturally rich.

Updated : 23 Feb 2021 5:53 PM GMT


Soumitra Bose is a Special Correspondent of The Hawk in New Delhi

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