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Governor asks scientists for taking the technologies to the hill famers

Governor asks scientists for taking the technologies to the hill famers

Pantnagar: Pantnagar University's 100th farmers' fair-cum-agro-industrial exhibition, popularly known as Kisan Mela, was inaugurated today at the main campus of Pantnagar University by Dr. Krishan Kant Paul, Governor of Uttarakhand and Chancellor of the University, by cutting the ribbon. On this occasion, Vice-Chancellor, Dr. J. Kumar; local MLA, Shri Rajesh Shukla; Director Extension Education, Dr. Y.P.S. Dabas and other dignitaries were present. After inaugurating the fair, Dr. Krishna Kant Paul, was taken for a round of fair-ground by Dr. J. Kumar and was shown Innovation Stall, Hill Agriculture Stall and Horticulture Exhibition.
The main inaugural ceremony of the fair was organized at Gandhi Auditorium of the University. Besides Dr. K.K. Paul, Dr. J. Kumar, Shri Rajesh Shukla and Dr. Dabas, Director Experiment Station, Dr. J.P. Singh, was also present on the dais.

The chief guest, Dr. K.K. Paul, advised the scientists of Pantvarsity to contact the farmers of far-flung hill areas of Uttarakhand and direct their research as per the need of the farmers and climatic conditions of the region. He also desired to have new varieties of different crops which are more nutritious, disease-resistant and need less water. Dr. Paul also said that high-yielding, good-quality varieties of apple, chestnut, medicinal and aromatic plants and other hill crops should be developed and their seed or cuttings be provided to the hill farmers so that their agricultural production could be increased and hill farming may be made profitable. He expressed happiness for being a part of 100th farmers' fair and hoped that seeds of new varieties and the detailed information on seeds, drudgery-reducing implements, other agricultural implements, organic farming, etc. will be utilized by the farmers visiting this fair for increasing the production in their fields.
Dr. J. Kumar said that the first farmers' fair organized in 1965 was very successful and since then the university is continuously organizing this event twice in a year. He said that after achieving green revolution, white revolution and blue revolution the agriculture and allied sector is now facing many challenges including climate change and increasing in number of small and marginal farmers. Dr. Kumar said that in the next green revolution and food security these small and marginal farmers will have a bigger role and hence the research and technological development should be as per their requirements.

In the beginning, Dr. Dabas, while welcoming the participants including farmers, guests and delegates told about the details of this farmers' fair. At the end of inaugural ceremony, Dr. J.P. Singh, Director, Experiment Station, thanked all the guests and farmers. On this occasion, 11 progressive farmers selected from different districts of Uttarakhand were also honoured, besides honouring other dignitaries. Some new literature was also release on this occasion.

This four-day seminal event attracts thousands of farmers from U.P., Bihar, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Maharashtra and other states of India besides Uttarakhand. All major organizations in farm sector, representing major brands, put-up their informative and imaginative stalls displaying the latest and best in modern agriculture technology.

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