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The Ambassador of Iran to India calls on Ramdev and Balkrishna

The Ambassador of Iran to India calls on Ramdev and Balkrishna

Haridwar: The Ambassador of Iran to India, Gholamreza Ansari called on baba Ramdev on Tuesday at Patanjali yog peeth. He showed interests in Patanjali's herbal garden and yoga and Ayurveda system of medicine. He said that new paths can be carved with the joint ventures between Indian and Iranian herbal treatment centres popular in Iran. The ground was good for improving relations in politics, economy and already existing cultural fields between the two countries. Notably the country of Iran has sent an invitation to the Indian Prime minister Narendra modi six months before.

A mutual friend of the ambassador and Ramdev, Kalweer Rashid Ansari was instrumental in bringing the ambassador to Haridwar.
Addressing media persons at Patanjali yog peeth,the ambassador said that he was very much elated to see the charity and treatment centres run by baba Ramdev and his aide Balkrishna. In his typical accent he called "Swami Ramdeev' and Mr. Acharya Balkrishna saying, "I have been touched by your benevolence behind such thought of serving the poor. In Islam as well the best and the highest prayer to God is serving people which I am witnessing in this centre."

The ambassador hinted that one of the issues could be "to find ways how we can connect with centres in Iran for specially treating poor people through herbal medicine which was gaining interest amongst masses."

Baba Ramdev said that the ambassador was "Shia muslim" and Shias are a peace loving community. "It is for the first time that an ambassador from an Isalmic country has come to Haridwar and visited Patanjali yog peeth. Ham unhe salam karte hain (we offer our salutations to him). He is very much keen to do something in the field of yog, ayurved and values high the spirituality and old traditions. The ties between the two countries would definitely be strengthened."

Ambassador Ansari also expressed the need for "people to learn to live better coexistence. We all need to learn how to live, work and help each other. India and Iran have cultural basis already. Ground is good for improving our relations in political, economical and traditional medicine fields."

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