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Valentine's Day Celebrations And Protests Across The World

Valentines Day Celebrations And Protests Across The World

Nainital: Lovers were all set and celebrated the day of love "Valentine's Day" with their innovative ways which reflected their never ending bond of love and affection towards their partner. People around the globe celebrated the day barring a few hardliner individuals and groups.

Valentine's Day is also well known as Saint Valentine's Day that marks the celebration of one of the most beautiful bonds in the world - LOVE. Yes love, it's the purest form and can be for anyone, your parents, partner, children, grandparents and even it can be for your friends.

People have termed Valentine's Day as the special day is celebrated by the lovers. Mostly youngsters plan to confess their love on this special day to their beloved ones by gifting flowers, gifts or greeting cards.

The beautiful week starts with Rose Day followed by Propose Day, chocolate day, teddies day, promise day, Kiss day and hug day which is celebrated just two days before the main event. This day gives one and all a precious chance to express never ending love towards loved one with a warm and tight hug. Hug is nothing but an expression of affection which showcases love, care and lot of protection towards love. A majority of people would love to have either their engagement or wedding on Valentine's Day, reveals a new survey carried out by online matrimony platform Jeevansaathi.com. Of the 1,800 respondents in the survey, 62 per cent expressed interest in taking their relationship to a new level on the special day of love. Not everyone loves Valentine's Day. Several individuals and various hardliner groups criticise it for being a hallmarked celebration for pre- marital sex. Fringe elements in India did moral policing in different parts of the country to keep couples from celebrating the "western concept" as they suppose it to be. Though, the majority celebrated and enjoyed the day with their loved ones.

In Japan, the Revolutionary League of Lonely Souls is marched against Valentine's Day because it propagates discrimination on the basis of how many times a person has had sex. The group is fairly small and mostly consists of men but last year some women joined their ranks. However, women give men chocolates on the day to men and a month later men reciprocate to keep the things equal. Muslim countries like Iran, Malaysia,Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have banned the Valentine's Day celebrations. The Indonesia Tanpa Pacaran, a Muslim group has declared February 14 "Indonesia Without Dating" Day. The hardliners in Indonesia have been protesting against the Valentine's Day for years to protest against - romance and sexuality associated with the day and more importantly because it celebrates a Catholic Saint which violates Islamic Law of Sharia. Malaysia banned Valentine's Day in 2005 while Iranians think it as a "cultural threat" and there people may be prosecuted if found selling gifts associated with the day. Pakistan banned it two years ago saying it goes against the teachings of Islam. The harshest punishment may be awarded in Saudi Arabia where any kind of public display of affection is taboo and Valentin's Day celebration could land people in jail for 39 years. Coronavirus may also have affected the celebrations in China and elsewhere. But barring a few to be counted on fingers, most of the people around the world celebrated the Valentine's Day with great enthusiasm and fervour.

The land where the union of Radha and Krishna (non-marital union) is worshipped, shows a passive aggressiveness to love and intimacy? While it is justified to have personal opinions in favour or against the public display of affection, but punishing them for the same is downright wrong.

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